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Presumptive Medi-Cal
and Initial Prenatal Exams

Women's Community Clinic is now offering a a new program!

Our new Presumptive Medi-Cal Program offers Initial Prenatal Exams and Referrals. Early prenatal care is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby. Eating a well balanced and healthy diet, abstaining from drugs, smoking and alcohol is important too.

Presumptive Medi-Cal is the type of Medi-Cal you need if you want to continue the pregnancy. We can sign you up for Presumptive Medi-Cal at the clinic so it is not necessary to make a special trip to the Medi-Cal office.

Call the clinic for hours and more details. Appointments are not necessary. We take drop-ins. We can usually sign you up for the program right away.

We will do the paperwork for you, set you up for the prenatal scan, often at that time, and then schedule an exam with the OB-GYN. The physician or OB-GYN will evaluate the scan and do the initial prenatal exam. Then you will be referred for ongoing prenatal care.

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