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National Hotlines

National Abortion Federation-NAF Hotline
Sponsored by the National Abortion Federation, this hotline provides referrals to clinics that perform abortions. They will also answer questions about the procedure and about the laws surrounding the procedure.

US: 1-800-772-9100
Canada: 1-800-424-2280
TDD Available
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National STD Hotline
This hotline will answer general questions about STDs, their symptoms, transmission, treatment and testing, and can also provide referrals to clinics and other hotlines.
Open 8AM-11PM, EST
Monday - Friday
CDC National HIV &AIDS Hotline
This hotline will provide information about HIV/AIDS, answer questions about testing and prevention, and will provide referrals to callers. They will also send out free literature on HIV and AIDS.
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week
Spanish Hotline
Monday - Friday
National Teenage AIDS Hotline
Sponsored by the American Red Cross, this hotline uses a staff of peer educators to provide information about HIV/AIDS and other STDs and to refer callers to other numbers.
Friday and Saturdays
6 PM to Midnight EST

National Herpes Hotline
Sponsored by the American Social Health Association, this hotline provides information and counseling to people with herpes and those who are close to them. It also provides free publications and referrrals to local support groups.
Open 9AM-7PM EST
National HPV Hotline
Sponsored by the American Social Health Association, the hotline answers questions about HPV and cervical cancer prevention and treatment.
1-877-HPV-5868 Toll Free
Monday - Friday
Open 2PM-7PM EST
Emergency Contraception Hotline
Run by the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, this hotline provides pre-recorded information about emergency contraception, and gives the names and phone numbers of places where you can get emergency contraception.
National Runaway Switchboard
A 24 -hour confidential nationwide hotline providing crisis intervention and referrals on a range of issues.
National Council for Adoption
You can call them collect for information about adoption options.

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