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Higher Risk Patients

We have successfully provided services to higher risk patients for many years. This is a less expensive alternative for patients if they can be treated in an outpatient facility instead of a hospital setting. Scheduling is usually more prompt and convenient as well.

We will consider higher risk patients for surgery with medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, mitral valve prolapse, and previous or current history of chemical dependency.

After careful review and evaluation of a patient's medical history, the counselor consults with the nurse supervisor, the physician and the certified nurse anesthesist in order to determine if we can clear the patient for surgery and we can offer services to her. It may be necessary to consult and clear the patient for surgery with her primary care provider or specialist. If we determine that the patient would be a more appropriate for a hospital setting, we will refer her to the appropriate facility.

We are fully accredited by the Institute for Medical Quality and in compliance with the Clinical Policy Guidelines of the National Abortion Federation.

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