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General Information

Abortion is considered one of the safest surgeries you can have. For instance, there are fewer risks with an abortion, at any time, compared to the risks of a full term pregnancy and delivery.

We provide surgical abortion up to 20 weeks by ultrasound. Vacuum Aspiration and Dilation and Evacuation are the methods used in this clinic. If you are over 20 weeks, we can refer you to other medical facilities where you can obtain an abortion up to 24 weeks.

What you need to do:

  • Every patient must have a pregnancy test and a sonogram or ultrasound exam done at our clinic.
  • Every patient will fill out paperwork which includes the medical history and surgery consent forms.
  • Every patient must speak with a counselor who is available to counsel you on the options and your decision. The counselor can help you schedule your abortion.
  • The counselor will review all the paperwork and the results of the ultrasound exam. She will explain the procedure, give you all the instructions and answer all of your questions. She can discuss a birth control or contraceptive method with you.
  • Every patient needs medical clearance- the counselor must determine if they patient is cleared for surgery or if additional tests, exams or special medical clearances are needed.


We can schedule abortion promptly, in most cases. We usually have three surgery days scheduled each week. There is often a late afternoon surgery schedule available once a week which is helpful for working patients.


We offer deep sedation anesthesia or local anesthesia. You can discuss your anesthesia options with the counselor.

Licensing and Credentials

Our facility is fully licensed and accredited. Our physicians are specialists in either gynecology or family practice. We have licensed, registered nurse anesthetists. Ultrasounds are administered by trained technicians or technologists. Our counselors are trained pregnancy and family planning counselors.


We accept Cash, Visa or MasterCard, Medi-Cal and many Insurance Plans. We Do NOT accept personal checks for abortion. More information on payment options.


You must have a ride after surgery. You can not leave the clinic alone. You will not be able to drive safely. You must be picked up from the surgery suite. You can arrange to have a friend take you home or you may also arrange for a Taxi to pick you up, remember to bring Taxi fare. (A responsible adult must accompany you home).

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