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Web Designer

Pamela Harter is a Web designer, artist, health educator, counselor, writer, political activist and staunch defender of reproductive rights. She has been affiliated with Women's Community Medical Clinic since 1977. She is interested in creating positive communities. "When we come together, we create a community-let's build positive communities".

She is one of the founders of the Pro-Choice Coalition of Santa Clara County, a coalition of pro-choice community groups, health care clinics and individuals. She spearheaded the "Bubble Ordinance" campaign due to problems with harassment by anti-choice protestors outside of family planning clinics.

The "Bubble Ordinance" protects a person's right to enter a medical facility with an eight foot bubble of protection around them. In 1993 the "Bubble Ordinance" was unanimously passed by the City Council of San Jose after two years of diligent effort on the part of many community groups and concerned citizens. The Supreme Court of the United States recently upheld a similar ordinance from Colorado.

The "Bubble Ordinance" basically protects a person with an eight foot zone or bubble of safety. A person must clearly indicate that they want the person approaching her/or him to back off or the approaching person could be arrested. A person has a right to enter a medical facility without harassment or interference.

Pamela Harter, Web Designer
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