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Making the Decision and considering your Options

At Women's Community Medical Clinic we are 100% Pro-Choice and have been since 1973. We believe in the fundamental right of a woman to have a choice regarding her pregnancy. We support every woman to make the best choice she can regarding her pregnancy. It could be one of the more challenging and difficult decisions you may ever have to make. Each woman has a unique set of personal circumstances and issues which she must attempt to address in order to make a decision which is in her best interest.

We have listed some information we hope will be helpful and a starting point for the process of considering the options. Our counselors are here to support you if you would like to discuss your options and the decision with them. They can also give you referrals for other resources in the community which may be helpful to you.

A Guide to Making the Right Decision for You from The National Abortion Federation or (NAF) Web Site, might be helpful assisting you with the decision making process. Go to the IF YOU ARE PREGNANT in the menu, then go to Choices.

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