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Counseling and Education

Women's Community Medical Clinic has been commited to providing individual, confidential counseling and health education services since we opened in 1973.

Our counselors speak English, Spanish and Vietnamese. They are trained in pregnancy counseling and have the skills, understanding and experience to answer your questions.

Our counselors are available to help a woman to explore her options, to clarify her feelings and to make the right choice for her life. You are welcome to include your partner, friends or parents in the counseling session.

Many patients have thought about the options carefully, have sorted through the emotions and have the support of friends or family in making the decision. They often do not need or desire our counseling services. However, sometimes a patient has no one with whom she can safely discuss her pregnancy; no one who can help her to explore her feelings or her options.

An unplanned pregnancy can be very overwhelming, emotionally upsetting and even frightening. Making a decision about the pregnancy can be one of the hardest and most emotional challenges you may ever have to face. Sometimes a patient has to deal with very difficult and painful consequences, if she chooses a particular option. The counselors at our clinic understand how difficult and emotional this decision can be for many women.

We want to help and support our patients in every way possible. We really do care about our patients.

We are also available after the abortion, if you should feel a need to come in and talk again. We can also give you referrals for further counseling if you need more ongoing support.


If you choose adoption, we can give you referrals to agencies that can provide further support, counseling and coordination of the adoption procedure.


If you choose to continue the pregnancy and become a parent, we provide pregnancy screening, ultrasound exams and referrals for prenatal care.


If you decide to terminate the pregnancy and have an abortion, the counselor will help you complete the necessary steps in order to schedule surgery. The counselor will cover the following items with the patient:
  • Review the medical history, the surgery consent forms and the sonogram results with the patient.
  • Explain the procedure , the risks and complications, instructions for the day of surgery and how to take care of yourself after the abortion.
  • Put your paperwork and chart in order.
  • Discuss the decision and options with you.
  • Give you information on contraception or birth control methods and referrals for other services when needed.
  • Schedule you for additional tests or obtain medical clearances, if there are special health conditions, in consultation with the surgeon and the nurse anesthesist.
  • Once everything is completed, she can schedule your abortion appointment.
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