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State and Local Agencies

Hotlines and Contact Numbers
General 24/7 Line Network of Information and Referral
(888) 247-7717
Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System-Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program
(408) 299-5850
Family Planning/Women's Issues
(408) 299-6155


Santa Clara County HIV/AIDS Testing and Treatment
(408) 885-7000
American Red Cross HIV/AIDS Testing
(408) 577- 1000
Northern California AIDS Hotline(English/Spanish/Filipino)
(800) FOR-AIDS
Aris of Santa Clara County
(408) 293-2747

Alcohol/Drug Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous
(408) 374-8511
Gateway (Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital Systems)
(800) 488-9919
Narcotics Anonymous
(408) 998-4200
Santa Clara Valley Alcohol and Drug Resource Alliance
(408) 267-4357

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered

Gay Youth Hotline
(800) 246-7743
Billy DeFrank Lesbian and Gay Center
(408) 293-2429

Anti-Hate/Descrimination Anti-Hate Line (Contact)

(408) 279-0111


California Youth Crisis 24 Bilingual Hour Crisis and Referral Line
1 (800) 843-5200
Alum Rock Counseling Center Emergency Crisis Line
Crisis(408) 294-0579
or Office(408) 294-0500
Almaden Valley Youth Center
(408) 997-0200
Teen Line
(408) 294-0579

Suicide and Crisis

Central County
(408) 279-3312
South County
(408) 683-2482

Sexual Assault Rape Crisis Line 24 Hour

(408) 287-3000

Support Network for Battered Women Crisis Line 24 Hour

Crisis (650) 940-7855
or Office 9-5 (650) 940-7850

Birth Defect Prevention and Screening

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
(408) 260-7629
California Teratogen Registry
A statewide program for the elimination of preventable birth defects, providing information about alcohol, medications, illicit drugs, and other agents which may be harmful to fetus
Toll Free number (800) 532-3749
Or Office (619) 294-6084
Genetic Counseling and Testing
(408) 358-2805

Eating Disorders and Compulsive Exercising Hotline for Bay Area

On the Web: Overeaters Anonymous
(408) 481-0905

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