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Women's Community Medical Clinic has closed its doors permanently effective March 20, 2005.

Need Help?

Choice Medical Group
2365 Montepelier Drive,
San Jose, CA 95116
Phone: 1-800-338-1361 or (408) 272-9244

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Farewell Letter to the Community

To our Patients and Friends:

We opened the clinic doors in 1973 and have been open continuously for 32 years. It has been a pleasure to serve our community and we are sorry that we cannot continue to do so. To all of our patients, we wish you good health and we will miss you. Our mission has been to provide affordable and compassionate healthcare to every patient in a setting that maintains the dignity of every patient.

It is our heartfelt hope that each and every one of you will continue to fight for reproductive freedom and for safe and legal abortion. Stay INFORMED, INVOLVED and VOTE for elected officials who support Choice and reproductive freedom, as well as, affordable healthcare for women, children and families. Visit our POLITICAL and LEGAL page to find out how you can get involved.

We believe that the women and families in our community are stronger and healthier because they have been able to make informed choices about their reproductive health. Having reproductive Choice has empowered women and their families to have control over their lives, health, security and destinies.

We salute the courage of every woman who has struggled with hard choices in order to create the best life for herself and her family. We now solemnly pass the torch onto you, to protect and to defend reproductive rights and Choice for all, since your lives are the most powerful testimony of the importance of reproductive Choice.

The Staff of Women's Community Medical Clinic



This Web site is in the process of being revised
due to the Clinic closing on March 20, 2005
Thank you.

Pamela Harter,
Web master,
Women's Community Medical Clinic

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